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A white t-shirt will be provided to you as apart of the first challenge of The Unicorn Olympics. You and your partner will design team jerseys with your team name clearly displayed.

REQUIRED: You will need to wear athletic pants/shorts and tennis shoes. 

ENCOURAGED: Capes, accessories, headgear that aligns with your team name and branding.




I refuse to have all of my favorite people together, looking amazing in an amazing location without taking a STUN family photo. My friend and yours, Cedric Terrell, is joining us and is doing me a huge birthday favor by capturing the moment. 

REQUIRED: All White. Acceptable garments include one-piece swimsuits, speedos, bikinis, kaftans, jeans, short shorts. No creme, off-white, egg, cloud. PURE WHITE ONLY. Please feel free to send me ideas or questions if you are not sure a garment will be acceptable.



I have invited a Private Chef to prepare dinner for us at the house. This is prime time celebration, hunnnty​. The Theme is Drag Ball Stunning Style Extravaganza. Yes, I will be in Drag living my best life. Impress and shock me.

REQUIRED: A clearly themed character and a wig.


Ladies: Drag up the make-up. I don't want your Karen-Who-Works-In-Finance look. Heels (you're not walking anywhere so you can manage)

Gents: I challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone and have fun. That said, I only require a wig. The rest is up to you and how much you want to make me happy on my Birthday.


My friend and yours, Derek Carley, will be cooking us a unicorn brunch with all of the necessities to cure the likely hang over we'll be collectively experiencing.

REQUIRED:Somehing unicorn. Anything unicorn. Onesie, t-shirt, unicorn accessories, unicorn wig... you cannot eat if you're not wearing unicorn. Those are the AirBnb house rules, I didn't make them up.

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